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I am a land use and construction attorney and work as a non-profit executive after leaving the private sector to help in a community where I went to school as a kid.  I used to do alot of public work construction litigation (like school buildings and pipeline projects and such) and I’ve long been interested in city and regional issues around paying for and building/repairing public property like roads, sewers, lights, and parks.  Here’s more about me.  I created this site because I also really care about making complex issues easy to understand so that more people can participate in local decisions.

The goal is to provide easy to understand explanations of how San Diego handles our public infrastructure, which is a somewhat fancy way of talking about public buildings like fire stations and libraries, roads, storm drains, sewer pipes and so on. I actually decided to expand this to water and housing because those issues are just as massive and important as the ones I started with and in some ways maybe more so. Like many governments, ours isn’t always the easiest to navigate or understand.  And as residents, small business owners, parents or just concerned people, having useful information is the best way to make decisions about the issues of the day.  Occasionally I’ll stray and tackle other issues like wages or pollution or politics, it just depends.

You’ll find posts that are a mixture of informative and humorous and I link to all sorts of documents and funny things I find searching around the Internet.  I don’t get paid to do it and no one tells me what to write. Depending on the issue, a post might seem right of center, down the middle or even very far politically left (which on some subjects is also oddly right of center – just for different reasons)  This site is about better, more well-informed decisions and making it easier for anyone to be more engaged in the future of the city.  I write another blog about food, travel, craft beer and philanthrophy/volunteerism called eat.drink.give.go.  Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have.  Cheers.

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