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July 25, 2013 by Omar Passons

Pipe waiting to be installed on 30th Street near Polite Provisions and Jayne's Gastropub

Pipe waiting to be installed on 30th Street near Polite Provisions and Jayne’s Gastropub

I started this site to make our city’s backbone—its pipes, bike lanes, roads, buildings, fire stations, parks, etc—easy for people to understand.  You can read more background on the site here.  We call this backbone infrastructure, and it is a technical term for the things I mentioned above.  Now I want to make it easy for you to help decide on priorities for fixing and replacing the city’s backbone–in this case for North Park. (Note: If you live in some other part of the city and are reading this, the information is just as useful, but I don’t know who you should submit your ideas to. Contact your City Council office to find out how to get connected).  Here’s a little background on prioritization and why it is important.

What can you do?

Photo of cycle tracks that could be installed on most of the too wide streets in San Diego if we wanted them

Photo of cycle tracks that could be installed on most of the too wide streets in San Diego if we wanted them

You can give your input.  Here are three things to know:

  1. This input is only for ‘capital’ projects like major reconstruction, new buildings, storm drains, segregated bike lanes (like the cool cycle tracks pictured above), fire stations, etc.
  2. You can provide any input you want, but try to give thought to what impact your idea for a priority project will have
  3. It is perfectly okay to choose to support projects that are already waiting for funding! Yes, surprising as it may be, we have a long, LONG list of things already in our North Park neighborhoods that still need attention

What now?

Click here (this link not yet live, sorry) to check out the priorities the North Park Planning Committee submitted last year to the City.

Click here to see what other projects have already been submitted for our area (or other communities).  You can “support” already proposed projects on this page.

To see the other projects from all over the city in a list, click here.

How to submit your priority project?

Submit your own idea to by August 31st! Please feel free to attach photos (not more than 1MB in size, please) and any comments about why you think it’s important.  Please know that you can also attend one of the group’s meetings and give your input in person, but the Planning Committee will be weighing all submissions to help present cohesive list of projects so not every submittal will be on the final list.

Want more information?

Here’s a detailed but plainly written guide (click here) from our City’s Independent Budget Analyst, or IBA. The IBA’s job is to make sure we have enough money for the things our city buys and to tell us the impact of choices to buy one thing versus the other.  Yes, I also thought it would be sweet to have my own personal IBA whenever I go shopping! But that’s another issue.

Here is a link to the City of San Diego Infrastructure Sub-committee, which is part of the City Council and is working on a plan to identify, prioritize, pay for and monitor all the holes in our infrastructure across the city.

Thanks for dropping by, there is a ton of information available, including these resources from the Community Budget Alliance.  There’s also a group called the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, whose goals include making sure our city is being careful with the taxes we pay. Please consider offering your input to help North Park or whatever community you live in! Have a great day.

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